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Randall Robinson

Name: Randall Robinson

Date: August 1, 2018

Circumstance: Phone call. Mr. Robinson was in Oklahoma. I called from Silver Spring, Maryland.

Age at time of Interview: 62

Details: Mr. Robinson was brought to my attention by another one of my interviewees, Steven Marzuola. As someone who lived in multiple oil areas (including in nearby Trinidad), Mr. Robinson lived outside of camp confines, within a community that could far more accurately be described as “Venezuelan.” He offered a new perspective on the comparatively opulent lives of US workers in the camp, as well as many interesting anecdotes.

Randall Robinson, center, with the other kids from his barrio, including his brothers.

Randall Robinson, center, with the other kids from his barrio, including his brothers.​

Recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13_NVtuuNIs9bkHf9r5PVoDe0gbjr4gc5/view?usp=sharing

Trent Kannegieter (TK): Thank you for talking with me for a little bit today. You’ve told me that your dad was a general manager for Texaco, and you lived in Venezuela from 1963 to 1972.

Randall Robinson (RR): That’s correct. Nine years: seven in Maracaibo, that’s the oil capital of Venezuela, and two in the capital.

TK: How old were you?

RR: I moved down there when I was starting first grade. So I attended first and second grade at an American school that was set up in Caracas that I believe is probably still in existence today. It was called Campo Alegre, and that was an elementary, middle, and high school. Then my family moved to Maracaibo and I attended there from the third through the ninth grade. Then I finished my education at a prep school called the Hill School in Pennsylvania before returning to college in Oklahoma.