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Glenn and Carole Wilcox

Name: Glenn and Carole Wilcox

Date: July 28, 2018

Circumstance: In person in Loxley, Alabama.

Age at time of interview: 88 (Glenn) and 82 (Carole) years old.

Details: When I began studying Venezuelan history, some of my friends joked that no topic seemed further removed from my home in Baldwin County, Alabama. So, when I found out that a couple who had lived in Venezuela’s oil camps was living in Loxley, Baldwin County’s rural-most corner, I was surprised to say the least. Our conversation drifts between talking about their lives in general in Venezuela to going through their family photo albums. Thank you to their daughter, Laura Wilcox Bryant, for reaching out to me and making this conversation possible. And, of course, thanks to the Wilcoxes for letting me into their home and being so willing to share their stories.

Note: This recording and accompanying transcript begin about eight minutes into our about two hours of conversation. This failure is because I forgot to begin my recording device, not any attempt at omission. When I left the meeting, I recorded what I remembered from the first few minutes. Important exposition is that Glenn worked as an engineer in Venezuela. His wife, Carole, was a nurse in the U.S., though she lived as a housewife in Venezuela. Both of them previously served in the US armed forces. Glenn also asserted, in a statement that still sticks with me, that "the best thing that ever happened to Venezuela was the dictatorship" of Marcos Pérez Jiménez, in large part due to the vast amount of public works Mr. Wilcox attributed to his reign. We join the conversation when talking about the differences between Venezuealn-born "professional" workers and their US counterparts, particularly along the lines of healthcare.

Recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EyYWfv46o_IutuANLnXfBuBw1YOPqVkk/view?usp=sharing