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Steven Marzuola

Name: Steven Marzuola

Date: July 26, 2018

Circumstance: Phone call. Mr. Marzuola was in Houston, Texas. I called from Spanish Fort, Alabama.

Details: Mr. Marzuola was one of the first people I talked to in this project. Luckily, he was also one of the people who helped me out the most throughout its duration. Moving to Venezuela at three years old, his memories essentially began in the country.

Recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ncwfiANDzM43o-ID2k3iFSTjgZqHLyb3/view?usp=sharing

Steven Marzuola: If you'd like to delay it, that's fine. No, I'm ready.

Trent Kannegieter: This is perfect for me if it's perfect for you.

Steven Marzuola: Okay. Well what do you want to know?

Trent Kannegieter: First of all, just thank you for being willing to talk with me. So, yes just like first I'd love some basics to get oriented: where, when were you in Venezuela? How old were you? What was it like?

Steven Marzuola: Okay. I went down there when I was almost three years old, in November 1960. I was three, and I don't remember anything about the first couple of years. I know that I went to a Venezuelan pre-school, and I don't remember much about it at all. I was telling my mom about it she kind of laughed. She doesn't remember much at all. I remember being on a Volkswagen bus, but that might have been a special occasion. I was three or four years