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Capt. John Willard Moore and Poggy Pogson

Name: Capt. John Willard Moore and Poggy Pogson

Date: August 24, 2018

Circumstance: In-person interview; 2nd floor of the Ft. Worth Hilton (Ft. Worth, Texas), 2018 Creole Reunion.

Editor’s Note: I met these two men while I was walking around a social area, trawling for as many perspectives as possible, They were talking with Ms. Jean Bailey, with whom I had already talked, and they all but naturally launched in.

Recording Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gzGsemD24AUdvVTQh3_qlVbKR_5xkE27/view?usp=sharing

Trent Kannegieter (TK): Doug Elliott told me to find someone who was specifically talking about unions.

Poggy Pogson (PP): It wouldn’t be me because they hate my


Capt. Willard Moore (W): When I went to Venezuela, you couldn’t even breathe the word union.

TK: I have time now if you guys are available.

P: I’ll talk with you. I just want to let you know one thing; I lie a lot.

TK: Ok. It’s a challenge. (all laugh)

P: Where are you in school?

TK: I’m studying at Yale right now. As to how I became involved in this, there’s a book in the silent auction called The Enduring Legacy by Miguel Tinker Salas. It’s an intense work on the residential oil camps. There’s one sentence in it where he mentions they created oil camp schools, but there’s no analysis of it. I wrote a paper on the oil camp schools, and now I’m—

P: I wish we had some better reports on what happened down there.